URBANE GRAIN: Quinoa Whole Grain Blend Gluten Free Miso With Edamame & Scallions, 4 oz


This is meant to evoke the wonderful, subtle flavors and aromas of your favorite sushi restaurant. Like our other great flavors, this one starts off with organic quinoa and organic millet. Then it takes this culinary experience to the next level of taste by adding in authentic organic red miso, real shredded Japanese nori, organic scallions and the nuance of Edamame. Umame you say? You bet!

Whole grain blend. All natural. Restaurant quality. Gluten-free! Try the indulgent great taste and healthfulness of Urbane Grain’s quinoa blend, gluten-free side dishes! Urbane Grain’s restaurant quality, delicious side dishes feature the goodness of today’s healthiest grain, quinoa. To complement quinoa’s naturally great taste, we have added other flavorful, healthy whole grains and the finest all natural herbs and spices to create flavor profiles that will delight you. Urbane Grain side dishes were created by serious food lovers, assisted by an exceptional chef from one of San Francisco’s top restaurants. They are a celebration of delicious, healthy eating, reminiscent of our most memorable dining experiences at the finest restaurants in great urban centers. Enjoy!


Weight 0.27 lbs
Dimensions 1.3 × 4.85 × 7 in


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